Semester 01 2015 Workbook

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3112IBA Management Strategy and Decision Making Workbook This workbook includes:     Course Running Sheet Overview of Course Assessment Overview of Seminar Activities Exam Preparation and Revision Suggestions Mr Salvador Macagno March, 2015 (Semester 1 2015) Dear Students, Welcome to Management Strategy and Decision Making (3112IBA) for Semester 1, 2015. This course brings together themes from across your undergraduate degree to facilitate an integrated perspective on why some organisations succeed, while others fail. Strategic management has a rich intellectual and practical history. This course seeks to introduce many of the important themes in this area to you. In designing the course, we have kept a strong focus on the use…show more content…
Chapter 1 L2 - Creating value Chapter 2 L3 - The external environment Chapter 3 L4 - Organisational resources and capabilities Chapter 4 L5 - Measuring strategic organisational performance Chapter 5 No classes No seminar Case 1 – Robin Hood – available on the course website Case 2 – Coursera & MOOC Begins on page 451 of Hubbard, Rice & Galvin 2014 Study for exam No Lectures due to Mid-semester Exam Case 3 - Taylor Wines Begins on page 467 of Hubbard, Rick & Galvin 2014 L6 - Strategic decision making Chapter 6 L7 - Strategic decision making Chapter 7 L8 - Dynamic competitive strategy Chapter 8 L9 - Corporate/ multi-business strategy Chapter 9 L10 -Acquisitions and Alliances Chapter 10 L11 - International strategy TBC Chapter 11 L12 - Course Review Seminars Case 4 – Berry Street Begins on page 485 of Hubbard, Rice & Galvin 2014 Poster Presentations & Group Oral Presentation Case 5 – Renault-Nissan Alliance Begins on page 543 of Hubbard, Rice & Galvin 2014 Page - 4 Who Do I Call? Head tutor (Nathan and Gold Coast) Janelle Prendergast, Your Tutor Your tutor is a good first point of contact for any questions relating to the course. The seminar team this semester is: Janelle Prendergast: Gold Coast Amjid Abdul-ala : Gold Coast & Nathan Ryan Gould: Gold Coast &

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