Semester A Unit 3 Lesson 3

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Semester A Unit 3 Lesson 3

Introduction and Objective
Every text is written for a reason. Along with the purpose of the text comes the central idea, or what the text is about. Think about the different types of texts you have read in all your different classes. What was the idea behind some of them?

Today 's lesson objective is: Students will be able to determine the central idea of a text.

Think about a text you have read recently. Was it a text on science or history? Maybe it was a narrative? What was the idea behind the text? A text about the life of a slave might have the central idea of “the struggle of slavery.” How would we find the central idea as we read? Maybe we would make a list of details we saw in the text. We would certainly need to analyze the text for context clues.

Open your digital notebook and describe your strategy and the learning skills you will use to succeed in this lesson.

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Instruction, Modeling and Student Activities

The central idea is the central, linking element of the story. The central theme connects together all the elements of the story that a author uses. To put it in simple terms, the central idea is the big point that the writer is communicating. The central idea cannot be identified with one word, but rather a statement or several words.

What is it that you are reading and what is it about? Think about what you have read so far in The Worst Hard…

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