Seminar Discussion And Learning Journal

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Seminar Discussion and Learning Journal There were five of us in my group. Our group discussion was certainly colourful and with varying ways of expressing our similar concerns. I am pleased to know that the concerns and struggles that I am experiencing in learning about the different approaches and techniques about family therapy, as well as how to be an effective marriage/family therapist, are shared by my classmates in the group. All of us had very similar concerns in connection with the questions provided to us. As a marriage/family therapist who I view as a client has a significant impact on the therapeutic process (Goldenberg & Goldenberg, 2013). In the group, I expressed that my utmost concern with family therapy is determining who the client is. The group shared this concern as well, but others expressed that this only becomes a concern to them depending on various reasons, which reasons include, but are not limited to, the therapeutic approach use, presenting issues, and who initiated the counselling. I do not necessarily share this perspective. In my opinion, being a marriage/family therapist implies that I am counselling a family unit using the family systems perspectives and techniques in dealing with the presenting issues. The reason for my answer is based on the discussion regarding the ethical obligations and confidentiality consideration in being a marriage/family therapist. However, my group had a different take on this question and to my response. I am
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