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First question:-
Corantor is a hi-tech global company with a traditionally low profile. Until recently, if you asked anyone if he knew the corantor brand name, the like hood was that he would say yes. However, he might not have known what Corantor provides in the way of its total product range, and might have associated the brand name and company with traditional technology. The "Let's Make Things Better" global brand campaign has raised the corantor profile, and provided it with a more focused and distinctive personality.
From your point of view, what did corantor do to build its strong Brand and be well known by every one?
Building a strong brand is the goal of many organizations Corantor started small but built a solid reputation
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A clear brand identity sets right level of expectations by the customer.

Corantor firmly establish the totality of brand meaning in the minds of customers – i.e., by strategically linking a host of tangible and intangible brand associations and obtain the proper customer responses to this brand identity and brand meaning.

Converted the brand response to create an intense, active loyalty relationship between customers and the brand.

Corantor watched the relationship with customers must be treated carefully. It pays to be an active listener to learn and respond to the customer needs. Companies need to respond positively to customer feedback and that will turn casual customers into loyal customers, Thus gaining brand value & customer loyalty.

Corantor marketing team should had listening to customer to learn what features are needed in the future products and what to add to persistent brands - that information is passed on the R&D teams - so that the new products will have the feature required by the customer. As a result that will gain the highest levels of relationships with its customers - a level at which customers are willing to invest and co-develop new products.

Finally To build a strong brand, Corantor had strong customer relationships. To begin with, the first time customer starts at a low level of relationship and over a period of time, through series of positive interactions
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