Semiotic Of The Kitchen Martha Rosler Analysis

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Name: Wang Haoren ID: 15435 Class: FAN3C Module: D-FA203, Video Question: 1 Semiotic of the kitchen - Martha Rosler An art video, that is done by Martha Rosler. After watching the six minute short video. We can clearly see the issue that Rosler was trying to address to – the role of women. The using of kitchen item to show the letter from A-Z, and when the letter goes down, the mood of the actress begin to became more unhappy, unpleased, or angry. Zooming into the last 5 alphabets that, instead of showing an item, she create a body gesture to show the letter using a knife and a folk. Which show quite of the unwillingness of being in the kitchen, especially on the last few hour of day, last few day of week or even the last few week of the year. Zooming…show more content…
Comparing the video art & Narrative film. Through comparing we can see the different of women roll of different time, as both film has the main character as women. However in 1975 when the semiotic of the kitchen is produce women most likely to stay in the kitchen and spend time cooking, but in 1995 it shows women having servant, designing her own house, married to a rich man although he have a son. Which is a complete changing of women roles, from being in the kitchen then to order someone into kitchen. we can see the place for women in the world became much open, instead of old style ways. And the way that women work, in semiotic of the kitchen it reflect that women are not passionate in kitchen at all, the feeling of anger, unhappiness and upset. especially the using of gesture to “performed” the last four letters. Comparing to “safe” we can see that carol is interested in her work, she wish to take time just to decide the colour of the sofa, taking time to spent time with her friend having activity and social life, unlike women in Semiotic of the Kitchen. However, the life that Semiotic of the kitchen show although an unhappy, but a normal life, the

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