Semiotics Approach To Representation Analysis

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Part 1
1. The name given to the approach of understanding representation as a sign system which has been developed by Saussure is called Semiotics.
2. The Semiotics approach to representation is based around three central ideas: The sign, signifier and signified. The signifier is the actual object or material you are observing, using any of your senses (sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste), it can be anything (text, music, images et cetera). The signified is what you think of, feel or how you react when you see or hear it. The combination of these is what makes up the sign, the actual thing being observed and what it evokes in you(Hall 1997: 31). For example, a traffic light (Hall 1997: 26). It utilizes three different colours (red, amber and
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‘Denotation’ is when an object is described simply on how it looks, sounds or how it is first experienced. Describing something on a denotative level supplies the most basic view of an object, not looking into any of the meanings, feelings or thoughts it might evoke while being observed. (Hall 1997: 38)
6. ‘Connotation’ on the other hand describes something in greater depth, focusing more on meaning and what it invokes (be it emotion, thought or physical reaction). It does not look at the immediate, descriptive interpretation but also involves what it implies or suggests and what it may represent depending on the context and what the person (or people) observing it associate with the object. It can also be seen as reaching ‘wider semantic fields’ because it isn’t restricted to one way of being interpreted.
7. B) The lyrics of Peter Gabriel’s “Biko” the first verse speaks of Port Elizabeth, the time was September 1977, and is set in police room 619 where Stephen Biko was killed in police detention. The second verse speaks of sleeping and dreaming in red and the outside world being in black and white. The third verse speaks of how you aren’t able to blow out a fire once the flames have caught (Gabriel
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One example of a system of control is the punishment system. Multiple sources are available on the subject matter both in legal and everyday circumstances (Hall 1997: 50). These sources impact how society views prisons and prisoners, therefore affecting how prisoners are treated and how they are punished. Resulting in them being considered as less human than the rest of the community. Foucault discusses this in Discipline and Punishment, speaking about how prisons have changed from being public, with public punishment (torture) and execution, to private (isolated and individual) (Hall 1997:
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