Semiotics in Fashion Photography: Does It Affect Culture as Much as Culture Affects It?

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Semiotics in Fashion Photography: Does it affect culture as much as culture affects it? Introduction Fashion Photography has taken quite the belittling from the conventional world of photography. Where other forms of photography ‘naturally’ capture beauty, fashion photography is have said to be too meticulous in ‘setting up’ the photograph. . Brookes states that, “fashion advertising, in particular, is seen as negating the purity of the photographic image. We see the typical [in fashion photography] instead of the unique moment or event.” Despite such an outlook on fashion photography, it has received thorough analysis and academic attention from the likes of Barthes, Wilson, Anderson, Brookes and Kawamura. Barthes has taken…show more content…
2. Barthes, R. (2006). The Language of Fashion. Oxford: Berg Publishers. The original source of placing fashion photography into a semiotic framework, I will base most of my essay towrds Barthes theories of semiotics in fashion. 3. Rhodes, A & Zuloago, R. A semiotic analysis of high fashion advertising. Though I will be focusing more of fashion photography, advertising does play a great role, and fashion photography is basically the significant part of fahsion advertising. Through this source it concentrates more on a fashion advertising aspect and describes the art of it. 4. This is a paper done by Tina Butler on Barthes “Fashion Photography as semiotics: Barthes and the limitations of classification. Here Butler describes the details of semiotics, how they work in fashion photography and analyzes Barthes theory in such a framework. 5. Stone, R. A Semiotic Analysis of Four Designer Clothing Advertisements Despite this source focusing more on an advertising aspect rather than photography, ultimately those two will always go together. Through a more thorough and focused analysis of brands, ads and the semiotics they present I can further contextualize fashion photography in a semiotic

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