Semiramsi White Analysis

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Semiramsi, 1877, carved in 1873, by William Wetmore Story 54 1/2 x 34 1/2 x 65 1/2 and base dims 27 3/4 × 34 1/2 × 65 1/2 in of a single block of marble. It is currently exhibited at the Dallas Museum of Art. The artist chooses a single block of white marble to carve this figure. The focal point falls on the crossing of the knee with the right arm resting on the left leg. Also, the figure's body is positioned more diagonal than vertically. From the top of the figure's head to the bottom of the platform. The artist used horizontal lines as well as vertical lines. The starting and stopping points are parallel to each other. The lines that define detail to the figures, jewelry, head piece, belt, tassel and arm of the chair all repeat the use…show more content…
In the cleavage area has vertical line as well as horizontal on the dress. The detail the artist put into making sure the dress, belt had the right amount of details to catch everyone’s eye who took time to view his figure. The vertical line on the tassel and the knot tie just right to display the left side of the figure waist line. Indicates the figure was a petite woman. The hair is wavy in the front and pulled into a ponytail at the back. I feel there were serval focal points with in the piece after reexamine the figure the three times. Each time something else stood out shifting my focus from the original focal point. There are many repeats of all the lines with in the figure. The artist only has half of the figure's feet and arms expose which displays start and stopping points for the gown. I feel the use of the white marble may display the cold hardness of the figures heart. The smooth texture of the marble gives a life like feel of the figure. The chair has legs of an animal William Wetmore Story who took a block of marble and created a master piece. Had me captivated with every detail weather it was small or large. The artist use repeated lines all through the carving of the figure. This figure has truly told me a story of how the greed of power will get you
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