Senate Bill 140 - Electronic Cigarettes

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Senate Bill 140 – Electronic Cigarettes Jennifer Jimenez California State University, Northridge July 24, 2015 Abstract I was required to identify one piece of health related legislation that is making its way through the state legislative process in California, but has not yet passed or been enacted. I selected SB 140: Electronic Cigarettes, where a growing health concern is brought up with the over use of electronic cigarettes (E-cigs). The following presentation will provide the reader an overiew of the health problem, severity of the health problem, overview of the bill and stakeholders, the promises/expected outcomes, problems of the bill, unintended consequences of the bill,and our recommendations. Keywords: E-cigs, tobacco, nicotine, chemicals SB 140 – Electronic Cigarettes Overview of the Health Problem Senate Bill 140 on electronic cigarettes that was brought up by Senator Mark Leno, wants to bring up the regulation of e-cigarettes to be considered tobacco products and band their use in public work and public places (Mark, 2015). This bill goes into consideration of trying to increase the age to buying tobacco products because the e-cigarettes are being used mainly by teens and young adults. It will also change the definition of the already existing law of Stop Tobacco Access to Kids Enforcement by giving out citations to those whom violate the law (Leno, M., 2015). SB 140 will go into consideration with the existing law
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