Senate Meetings Between The Republican And Democrat Party Committee

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While watching the committee meetings between the Republican and Democrat party committee I noticed many things that were the same while also observing many things that were different. Every four years, the Democratic Party puts together our party platform, the ideas and beliefs that govern our party as a whole. Not only does each party take certain stances on specific issues , they also have a different guidelines and atmospheres surrounding them that affects their decisions. Republicans are normally more conservative, their primary focus is directed more towards a limited influence on government and a dominant foreign policy. They are also for religion, anti-beauracracy , and pro-military. As to where Democrats are considered to be more liberal and adhere to more improving the quality of people lives to achieve equality. Although there were a handful of things to pick from that were different with each party they were similar in how they incorporated their policy 's and laws. They both voted by raise of hands and saying "yay" or "neigh" to the topic. The first committee video I decided to watch was the Republican committee, which was a short video compared to democratic video. During the video they spoke about the first amendment, and asked delegate Wilson to present his ideas. they presented the amendment on the screen and spoke about what should be changed. The amendment spoke about how he felt that children should be raised in an intact biological family household.…
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