Senate Reform Essay

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DUE: JUNE 6TH 2011

Teacher: Mr. Griem

Should the Canadian Senate be left alone, reformed or abolished?

By: Shakir M. Lakhani SECTION 4

Final Civics Essay
June 6th, 2011
Shakir M. Lakhani
Topic: Senate Reform

Do you feel your government is fair? Does it manage the issues properly, with careful thought, and an open, objective mind? Is it effective? Do you feel that the Senate is a “sober chamber of second thought?” Do you feel that the best interests of the Canadian public are always preserved in the current model of our governance? If so, you’re mistaken. Under our present governance, we have two houses, the House of Commons, and the Senate, the reform to the latter being the main topic of
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In terms of the reform option, as a country, we absolutely cannot afford to abolish the Senate, as it serves as, and is meant to be, a body of un-biased “economic and social élite”, who are capable of making/approving decisions to benefit the citizens of Canada, rather than the House of Commons, which makes decisions by majority, and in their own interest. The Senate is meant to play a neutral role, to be the final judge to make the un-biased, informed decisions. Sometimes, the Senate has taken on other roles, which it performs and works with very effectively. In fairness to them, these often do not receive much media coverage, increasing the public perception that Senators do very little. For example, the Senate Standing Committee on Social Affairs, Science, and Tech released a report on the Health Care system, a month before the Romanow Report on Human Health Resources Planning.
They have also researched issues such as poverty in Canada, and legalizing Marijuana.

No matter which angle one looks at this from, the effective existence of the Senate is necessary to stabilize the government, as it is near to impossible to have an ideal House of Commons, as confirmed by an English political journalist Walter Bagehot.
He wrote about the British parliamentary System (which our system is based off), and was quoted saying, “If we had an ideal House of Commons...

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