Senate Republicans Oppose Equal Pay Bill

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Progress towards trying to make a change and pass a bill that will change the way women are looked upon in the workplace. In the article, Senate Republicans reject equal pay bill exemplifies how both men and women will be paid equally for the work both genders are accomplishing, however that reality is still not achieved “Unfortunately, Senate Republicans disagree,” she added. The bill, sponsored by Sen. Barbara A. Mikulski (D-Md.), had 52 sponsors, but Democrats were unable to persuade Republicans to vote for the legislation, which needed to clear a 60-vote threshold to open debate on the bill” Democratic party is in favor of equal rights, such as in equal pay in all sexes, however the Republican party is against the bill of equal pay because already the discrimination between sexes is illegal, but just because it is illegal doesn 't mean that it is not commonly happening everyday. To achieve equality all parties have to be in favor of the change. Political parties are at times ignorant to what is happening and will go against movements that have been on the uproar just because they believe something isn 't happening. Women have been denied equality for hundreds of years, yet in present day that inequality has been taught at a young age. Since my early years of education at Monte Vista Elementary School, I was always brought attention to for my clothing being provocative. How provocative could a child 's clothing be? I wore a knee length school skirt and a white tucked in
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