Senator Felix Grundy Of Kentucky

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Senator Felix Grundy of Kentucky urged for war in his appeal to the Speaker in 1811 because he believed that the British were infringing on the maritime rights of Americans, suddenly and without reason. He believed it was a violation of personal liberty that the government should not stand for. On the opposition, Senator John Randolph of Virginia opposed the war and he did not believe Grundy 's appeal. In his appeal to the Speaker in 1811, he said that the war was not for maritime rights, but for greed. He believed those in favor of the war saw land they could win from the war and wanted to claim it as their own. He states in his speech that he did not hear a call for rights, but a chant for Canadian lands. In the chance that I had been a part of the decision of going to war with Britain, I would have supported the war. Although nobody doubted British actions against American shipping as crimes, the motives of the War Hawks were continually questioned. The War Hawks are a group of young congressmen that were the new generation of political leaders. They are ardent nationalists that called for war with Britain. They spoke of defending honor against British insults and in support of the annexation of Canada and the conquest of Florida, which is owned by the British ally, Spain (Foner 242). Despite their concentration on practical goals, like the expansion of America, these young men upheld principles of free trade and wanted to liberate the United States from European

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