Senator Harry Reid of Nevada

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Reid grew up in a small cabin with no indoor plumbing or running water. Reid had three other brothers . Reid’s father was a gold miner and his mother did laundry for Searchlight Bullous(Harry Reid). Searchlight was a small town that had no high schools. Reid had to hike forty miles to the next town to attended their high school. After High School Reid attended Utah University to get his B.A. Then Reid went on to get his J.D at George Washington University(Harry Reid). Majority leader for the Senator is Reids current position. Reid represents Nevada where he lives with his wife Landra. Ried had four children, Two girls and two boys.(Harry Reid).
Reid’s political career started when he got elected to Nevada state assembly. At only thirty years old Reid decided to run for lieutenant governor for Nevada. Four years after that Reid decided to run for Senate but lost.(Harry Reid).After his loss Reid was appointed to Nevada’s gaming commission,Which means that he regulates the state’s casinos(Harry Reid ). Later on Ried decided to spend time as a lawyer in a private practice. Finally Reid decided to run for congress and won. Four years later Reid became Senator( Harry Reid). Reid has made achievements while he is Senator such as becoming Senator whip and Majority leader. Majority leader for the Senator is Reids current position(Harry Reid).
Harry Reid strongly believes that America should ban all tobacco sales.…
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