Senator Juan And The Texas State Senate Essay

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Senator Juan “Chuy” Hinojosa

The Texas State Senate has 14 standing committees , 1 subcommittee and one select committee.
The following committees are part of the field that the Texas State Senate are in charge to discuss during session in order to better regulate the conditions of the state.
Administration, agriculture, Water & Rural Affairs, Business & Commerce, Criminal Justice, Education, Finance, Health & Human Services, Higher Education,Intergovernmental Relations, Natural Resources & Economic Development, Nominations, State Affairs, Transportation, Veteran Affairs & Military Installations. The subcommittee on border Security.
The main duty of the senator’s job is to represent the people living in his or her state in the United States Senate, by representing the people they have the power to write laws and be able to vote for or against it. This forms of laws are called bills.
During the 2016 Texas Senate General Election, District 20:” Incumbent Juan Hinojosa defeated Velma A. Arellano in the Texas State Senate District 20 general election.”-ballotpedia
With the 2016 Election “Senator Juan “Chuy” Hinojosa filed six senate bills on the first day of the 85th Texas Legislature pre-filing period. Senator Hinojosa’s early round of bills focus on veterans, public health and safety, civil liberties, criminal justice, and fiscal accountability.The 85th Texas Legislature will convene January 10, 2017”- Senator Juan Hinojosa
The Bills that Senator Juan Hinojosa filled
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