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question1 What are the remedies available under the Law of Contract? Remedy is where the inured party enforce their rights or get a reward for a loss. It also means to achieve justice where legal rights are involved. There are many types of remedies and some of them may be ordered by court, granted by judgement, by agreement between two parties and operation of law. The remedies depend on the nature of the breach. The remedies available under the Law Of Contract are Rescission, Restitution, Damages, Specific Performance, Injunction,Mareva Injunction, and Quantum Meruit. Rescission has been defined as the cancellation of contract between parties. It enables the innocent party to cancel off the contract when there is any…show more content…
The person who is appointed by the lessor is a chef and in his absence while he worked as chef, other person are employed by the lessor to perform his duties. Held : The court is not in a prepared condition to order a specific performance because to order specific performance the court has to continuously supervise the porter’s attendance. Injunction is a court order which requires a person to do or perform something. It commands an act the court think which is essential to justice or prohibits an act that is deemed to be good. There are three types of injunction and they are prohibitory, mandatory and interlocutory. Prohibitory is preventing the breach of contract, mandatory is where it requires a person to something and interlocutory where it freezes the status quo between parties until dispute can be heard by the court. Mareva injunction is an order granted by the court where it prevents the defendant from transferring the assets. It prevents the defendant from disposing assets until the court makes a decision. The person who brings a case against another in a court of law must have the ability to establish the following which are, the defendants has assets which are in the court’s jurisdiction, risk that defendant will remove the assets before the judgement and the plaintiff can establish a cause of action. The appropriate case for
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