Send Me On An Emotional Roller Coaster

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This epilogue was very interesting to me; I must say it did send me on an emotional roller coaster. I feel it was also an eye opener to show the different flaws we have as a society and the different technological advances we are developing. I went from agreeing with the idea of putting a chemical in the water supply that cures and prevents diseases to getting upset at the fact that if a person got pregnant without written permission the court would order them to get sterilized. I feel that this epilogue took me on this roller coaster because to think about the fact that this is really what our society is coming to makes me a bit worried about the possible outcomes. I feel that whether it is for the good or bad reasons we are becoming too dependent on technology. In my journal entry I plan to summarize and point out the differences and similarities between today’s society and the society in 2099. I also plan to talk about my future goals regarding marriage, children, contraception, and STD prevention.
The epilogue talks about how in the year 2099 the people were engaging in marital behavior that we do not find normal in todays society such as: repeat monogamous marriages and polygamy marriages. In todays society we look at polygamy as something unacceptable but they embrace it and it’s looked at differently if a person continues to remarry different people. A chemical called K25W was talked about that was mixed into the water supply so now every one drinks it. K25W is
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