Sending Canadian Troops To Canada Essay

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Sending Canadian troops to Afghanistan was also necessary for the maintenance of world peace because Afghanistan needed help rebuilding itself. Canadian troops helped support Afghanistan in many ways such as through operations, training Afghanistan’s police and army, and building trust with the people of Afghanistan. Canada assisted in many operations which helped clear al-Qaeda from Afghanistan districts. For example, Operation Medusa which was an attack on the Taliban on September 2, 2006 during “The Battle of Panjwai. “By September 11, 2006, on the fifth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, resistance in the pocket died off. Most of the Taliban had either been killed or had somehow managed to flee. Canadian soldiers moved into the Panjwai Pocket…show more content…
Finally, Canada helped attempt to rebuild Afghanistan by assisting in the training of Afghanistan’s army and police. “Canada has made training the Afghan army and police forces one of its top priorities in Afghanistan. Despite its obvious challenges, the army remains well ahead of the police in its development. There are currently about 2,4000 Afghan soldiers in Kandahar province, up from 600 in 2006. According to NATO, there are roughly 50,000 ANA soldiers in the country.” (Canada). This quote proves the progress Canada has made in improving Afghanistan’s security. This is important to maintaining world peace because it improves Afghanistan’s security and helps the whole world become stronger in their combined effort to combat terrorism. In conclusion, it was necessary for Canada to go to Afghanistan to maintain world peace by helping to rebuild Afghanistan. They did this through training the country’s defence and security, providing services to the people of Afghanistan, and engaging in operations to clear out
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