Senior Citizens, Interst Groups and Political Parties Essay

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Senior Citizens, Interest Groups And Political Parties

The United States Constitution guarantees Americans numerous liberties and rights. Our government believes in Democracy. A system of government in which the people rule, either directly or indirectly. Democratic ideals is a form of government under the Constitution, which guarantees civil liberties and civil rights to all citizens. Ensuring citizens with civil liberties are defined as freedom guaranteed to individuals such as freedom of religion and freedom of expression. Civil Rights are powers or privileges that government may not arbitrarily deny to individuals. In our government, citizens determine the extent of government activity through free elections and competitive
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According to the American National Election Study in 1990, older people are more likely to follow the news daily. More elderly than any other age groups are reported reading a daily newspaper and watching the news on television every day during the previous week. Not only do older people pay close attention to politics, they also vote more than younger adults. According to the American Association of Retired Persons, people over 65 exhibit the highest rate of voter turnout of any age group. Since the mid- to late-1980s, voter turnout in national elections has been even higher among those 65 and over. Combined with the growing proportion of older people in the U.S. population, this high turnout rate makes the elderly an increasingly important group of voters.

As a group, senior citizens exercise enormous political power. In the 1980s, based on inaccurate assumptions about the actual situation of the older population, severe cuts were made in Social Security, and Medicare. Social Security is a social insurance that provides economic assistance to people faced with unemployment, disability and also provides medical care for the elderly. Medicare was provided by the Social Security Act in 1965. It is a compulsory insurance that covers certain hospital services for people over sixty five and older. When Congress passed the

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