Senior Collegiate Athletic Association : Sport Scandals

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On average, there are about 60 major NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) sport scandals per decade. NCAA sport scandals are very common in any college sport. There is always some sort of scandal going on and many schools have been part of one at some time. There are various ways for a scandal to happen, from recruiting violations to academic frauds to bribery. There are various penalties issued by the NCAA, but one penalty, known as the “death penalty” is the worst punishment a program could possibly receive. It is a penalty that can ban a team for multiple seasons, ban them from postseason play, or even ban them from the sport for life. Therefore, NCAA teams that receive the “death penalty” as their punishment are typically involved in some of the biggest scandals in NCAA history.
The NCAA is an organization that helps keep the college sport industry in check. They regulate conferences, organizations, and around 450,000 student athletes each year. They also organize athletic programs of schools and set up all of the NCAA tournaments. When necessary, they investigate players, coaches, managers, and anyone else involved in a possible scandal. Many smaller schools get caught in scandals. They have fewer student athletes and less of a chance to get better players. At times, the smaller schools feel the need to do illegal things, such as pay players to entice them to come to their school. Bigger schools also cheat to get more players and become the best team. Three…
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