Senior Collegiate Athletic Association : Sport Scandals

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On average, there are about 60 major NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) sport scandals per decade. NCAA sport scandals are very common in any college sport. There is always some sort of scandal going on and many schools have been part of one at some time. There are various ways for a scandal to happen, from recruiting violations to academic frauds to bribery. There are various penalties issued by the NCAA, but one penalty, known as the “death penalty” is the worst punishment a program could possibly receive. It is a penalty that can ban a team for multiple seasons, ban them from postseason play, or even ban them from the sport for life. Therefore, NCAA teams that receive the “death penalty” as their punishment are typically…show more content…
The University of Kentucky (UK) was the first college program to be given the “death penalty.” Kentucky had many violations. One thing that happened was they were guilty of recruiting violations. The coach was also caught giving players financial aid by paying recruits to get them to commit to Kentucky. He was giving them spending money to let them buy stuff that they couldn 't afford. Another violation the school committed was academic fraud. They were allowing players to play that were academically unqualified. They were doing these things unfairly to get players to play for their basketball program. A big reason why Kentucky got the “death penalty” is because of two players: Alex Groza, and Ralph Beard. These two players took bribes from gamblers to shave points off of the 1952 championship game. What this means is that gamblers paid them to make the games close, so they could win bets they had placed. After getting caught doing this, the Kentucky Basketball program were given what became known as the “death penalty.” This hurt the program and players involved majorly. For the 1952-53 season Kentucky had no basketball team. They and every other UK sports team was also banned from postseason play in 1954. Groza and Beard got
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