Senior Design Project

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My goal for this last additional activity was to learn more about an important aspect of senior year: Senior Design. In each engineering department, seniors must complete a design project in which they communicate with a customer in order to solve and engineering problem. I held an informational interview with a mechanical engineering major, Cat Yip. Senior design in the Biomedical Engineering Department is similar to that of the Mechanical Engineering Department. Both require a design seminar, or class in which one learns the appropriate steps of design from initial contact with the customer to prototypic and official approval. While speaking to Cat, she emphasized that senior design is a culmination of everything that an engineering major has learned throughout their four years and provides a real life…show more content…
However, I spoke to a Peer Advisor in the Biomedical Engineering Department and she said that it is different in our department. Rather than the professor assigning projects to specific groups, each individual applies for a project, and if they are accepted they form a group with the other students who are accepted. Cat’s project was to create a model of a periscope to be place in New Rochelle, NY with the purpose of being able to see the water front from downtown. I found it very interesting that Cat was drawn to the artistic part of the project. As an engineering major, it can be hard to remember that art is an integral part of design, because the course work is so math and physics heavy. Although it may be different in the Biomedical Engineering Department, I will keep in mind my various interests, like art, sports, and dance, when applying for my project as a senior. In biomedical engineering, the projects will be less focused on art and building, and more focused on medical
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