Senior Experience : My Senior Year Of High School

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As my senior year of high school started I was often excited about prom, a night of pure fun that's supposed to be right near the pinnacle of the senior experience, but I didn’t know how many problems it would end up bringing me. At the beginning of my senior year I met a new girl in my international relations class named Katherine, sitting only one seat diagonal from me. Most of the year we got along very well, and whenever we were assigned to the same group we would have a blast. We’d start off with the assigned discussion topic that would quickly devolve into something more interesting like our pristine cool sock collections. Though we seemed to get along really well, we never became the best of friends. Our main communication revolved around a couple day cycle with dabbles of small talk in the inbetween days. Though I didn’t know it at the time, this infrequent communication ultimately lead to the end of our relationship. Later that year I started to really like Katherine and started to plan how I might ask her out. By luck we ended up meeting as she and her friends were walking towards the track from senior lot and I was walking back to my car after a workout during February break. I took my chance and asked her if she would want to go on a date later that week during the break. Thankfully she said yes, and later that night through facebook we decided to get breakfast for lunch at a well known cafe in our hometown. We got along just as well as we did in group
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