Senior Games As Serious Sport Tourism

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Sport tourism is one of “the fastest growing sectors of the global travel and tourism industry” (Heo, King). With this information, it is important to look at how sport tourism plays into the life of all ages of people. Active sport tourism is defined as “people who travel in order to participate in sporting events” (Heo, King). Active tourism can include watching, volunteering, or actually playing a sport. The experiment discussed in “Senior Games as Serious Sport Tourism” explains the purpose of the senior games, the revenue brought in from the games, who participates, and the benefits received for those who participate in sport tourism. The senior games are able to be classified as sport tourism because thousands of participants, volunteers,…show more content…
Also, this study was limited to the participants in the Midwest area, and was not sampled by a probability method, so its generalization of the results given should be made with extreme caution. However, what this study was able to prove is the idea that those who participate in the Senior Games in the Midwest area tend to participate in active sport tourism regularly. They also tend to portray healthier lifestyles and benefit through social rewards. Serious leisure itself is represented by six defining qualities: perseverance, significant effort, career development, durable benefits, expression of self and identity, and unique ethos. The sport tourism indicators used in this study would include significant effort, career development, and durable benefits. These indicators reflect the training hours, miles traveled, money spent, years of participation, and number of people involved with the participant. It might not be clear as to the relationship between serious leisure and sport tourism, but just to clear things up; a tourist is someone who has traveled at least 50 miles. The fact that they travel to enjoy a sport makes them a sport tourist. The average distance traveled by those who participated in the Senior Games is 115 miles. Since these individuals actually participated in the games, they participated in leisure. This study was done to show how many of those who participated are active on a regular basis, and this was done by conducting a survey of the participants. The results of the surveyed were able to prove the idea that the majority of those involved were more likely to live physically active lives that contribute to the sport tourism industry. These results will benefit people who are looking for ways to involve and reach out to those ages 65 and older, and
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