Senior Home Biography Of Willie Ferrara

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Senior Home Biography of Willie Ferrara Willie Ferrara, age 91, is a mother of three children currently living at Spring Hills Senior Center in Somerset, New Jersey. She was born in North Carolina during the year 1924 and was raised in said state for the entirety of her childhood. Ferrara’s suburban hometown is close to Charlotte, North Carolina and located approximately three hours from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Amidst her childhood, Willie Ferrara’s mother, a stay-at-home-mother who raised five children, cooked a homemade breakfast every morning. Further, Ferrara’s father worked for Southern Railway and worked long hours during the workweek. Due to his work in the railroad industry, her family was one of the very few in her area to have a telephone, as her father purchased the device to aid with his business endeavors. Also, Ferrara’s father purchased a television set and their neighbors would often crowd their household to watch television. During her childhood, Ferrara lived with two dogs and every Saturday, Ferrara and her siblings were each given a quarter which they used to watch a movie, purchase a hamburger and a drink. Her favorite candy was Mounds, a dark chocolate bar which is filled with shredded coconut. Additionally, James Garner, a prominent movie star, was a cousin of hers that she had never met. As an adult, her first name often posed many problems for as she was frequently mistaken as a male. For instance she has been called to old male juries,
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