Senior Leadership Challenges At Ch2m Hill

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Senior Leadership Challenges One of the greatest challenges faced by senior leadership at CH2M HILL was how to effectively engage young engineers in order to raise their commitment to the company. While the young engineers connected with many of the company’s ideas, such as projects to improve the world, they also desired novel work which provided challenge and learning to aid them in their career advancement (Newman, 2013). Learning in this way was hindered by the company. It did not want to share its talent between business units, therefore reducing the chance that young engineers could be exposed to and learn new areas. This problem was intensified by the fact that CH2M HILL had no clear pathway for career advancement which was…show more content…
The company’s decentralized, team-based structure is a persistent challenge for senior leadership. According to Lanaj, Hollenbeck, Ilgen, Barnes, and Harmon (2013), teams consisting of expert, knowledgeable members who function under a decentralized management structure are often very flexible, dynamic, and effective. This type of leadership structure tends to promote participatory decision making, empowerment of members, increased aspirations, and a sense of team cohesiveness which leads to increased performance (Lanaj et al., 2013). For many years as a smaller firm, CH2M HILL was extremely successful using this model with its independent project teams. However, as the company grew, its lack of effective, centralized management resulted in a huge system of teams with no true structure holding them together. As Lanaj et al. (2013) pointed out, multi-team systems without a strong, common structure often experience lack of coordination, process and procedure difficulties, competition between groups, communication problems, poor knowledge sharing, and an inability to plan for the organization’s future and success. These were precisely the conditions causing CH2M HILL’s problems with turnover and leadership development. Recommendations to Walstrom Walstrom’s learning, management, and leadership training efforts were a good start

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