Senior Level Course For College Level Courses

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Persuasive Like many other colleges, Austin Community College has reasonable rules, policies, and procedures which students and faculty must abide by. However there is one policy I feel should be completely revised or discarded. ACC requires students who did not score high enough on the Mathematics and English sections of the SAT or TAKS test to either enroll in a remedial course or to take the TSI placement exam and test into a college level course. The issue that concerns me is there are students who have credibility from their high school career which proves they have the ability to learn and do well in college level courses. ACC’s policy requires them to overlook important information that could not only save the student from being undermined but also save them a great amount of time and money. The score on a standardized or placement test should never be used when determining if a student has the intelligence level to enroll in college level courses. From a perspective of someone, who like many others, struggles with the issue of test anxiety, colleges need to have a more in depth look at how well the student performed in a specific area throughout high school as opposed to how they performed during a standardized or placement test. However the issue of not being an exceptional test taker isn’t the only difficulty when it comes to the TSI. I had the opportunity to get feedback from other students who also struggled with the exam. A majority of them emphasized how the
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