Senior Loneliness

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Not surprisingly, senior loneliness is all too common. Major life changes such as retiring, loss of family and friends, and giving up the keys when it’s no longer safe to drive often result in social isolation. The effects are more serious than you might think, ranging anywhere from faster progression of cancer to a heightened risk of suicide (Cascade Companion Care, April 13). There is a need for agencies such as Alpine Home Care for the purpose of creating an environment where the geriatric population has the control and ability to lead a meaningful, independent life. Homecare services differ from facility-based options, which include nursing homes, assisted living communities, and adult day cares. These elderly care options all have unique benefits, however, at home care is often the preferred choice for seniors who wish to age in place in their own home (Griswold Home Care, n.d.). Unfortunately, the effects of aging can not yet be reversed, but the ability to improve quality of life does exists.…show more content…
No one patient is the same, and it becomes the nurse’s responsibility to act as a patient advocate. Working with a geriatric woman made me realize the significance that mere presence can play in a patient’s life. After all, nurses have the ability to be remembered long after a patient has left their care, and it is for this reason that patient and family centered care is of utmost importance. Care is based on continuous health relationships, and customized according to the patient’s needs and values (Finkelman & Kenner, 2016, p. 272). In order to make both the patient and their family feel open to communication and to instill trust in our decisions as healthcare providers, compassion and kindness must be key factors in the care of each and every patient. The patient should be the source of
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