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Long Write-up: Greeley Hardcopy-B Finally, the Greeley Hardcopy (GHC) Portable Scanner Initiative got its sponsor that would support its project throughout its research and development phase. This is in the name of Phil Faraci who took over as the General Manager of GHC handling both the Flatbeds and Portable businesses. During the previous phases of research and development of the Portable Scanner, despite being recognized as a very promising product, it faced several challenges in terms of support, budget & focus. For over five years the product did not take off and observed as a very slow-paced development. The pace of the project was so slow that it passed-on from one leadership into another in the organization. Its failure in its…show more content…
Creating a Separate Organization (Ambidextrous Organization). With Phil Faraci role of providing resources to the team, the team of Mark Oman with support from its original team members – Frank Carau and Ben Walker created a new structure that would be required to launch the portable device successfully. They also designed the compensation package for its team members by working with HR. They believe that for the portable project to become successful they need to attract talented personnel fitted for the job requirements. In order to do this, they needed to provide above-average compensation packages. They had lobbied from the senior management team and HR to provide each member of the team good compensation and the sometimes agreeing for some work around with HR and senior management. Better compensation package was successfully obtained approval with the help of Phil Faraci by providing connection between the Oman’s team and the rest of the senior management people. After designing the organization, the team also designed the working relationship of the team with the rest of the GHC. They designed the responsibility matrix to provide clear understanding on each one responsibility and who is going to provide inputs and make decisions. It also clarifies their relationship with the flatbeds business. The Portable team was also housed in a separate area within the GHC facilities. This would allow them to
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