Senior Management Team For The Fashion Channel

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Introduction The present-day senior management team for The Fashion Channel (TFC) must decide on which viewer segment or segments and or what cluster of viewers they should focus on targeting in their new marketing strategy approach. Also, the company needs to find the best fit scenario for how they should position The Fashion Channel to ultimately increase their companies overall revenue. When determining their new marketing strategy, TFC needs to contemplate how they can expand their share of the market, which is their company’s rating as opposed to the progressively competitive fashion programming that is currently on their competitor’s channels. If TFC can preserve or increase their company’s satisfaction level, that ultimately is the…show more content…
And lastly, they have bad positioning compared to their competitors positioning (CNN and Lifetime). Due to TFC specifically focusing on 24/7, and CNN & Lifetime is only focusing on fashion a part of the time. Their opportunities include finding a loyal untargeted segment within current viewers; create new loyal viewers and having the ability to increase ratings and household’s ratings, to lead to an increasing profit for the company. The Fashion Channels current threats are Lifetime and CNN who have new programs that are attracting more and more viewers. TFC’s present-day loyal viewers may not like the new programs that TFC will have to offer which could potentially lead to the main cable operators dropping TFC entirely. Problem Statement The main problems that The Fashion Channel has to solve are improving its competitive position in contrast with Lifetime and CNN, as well as changing their marketing strategies (opportunity for growth), the need to increase their rating versus their competitor’s ratings. Currently, TFC has a rating of 1.0 (1 million households), CNN had a 3.0 (3 million households), and Lifetime had a rating of 4.0 (4 million households). With a new marketing strategy for the company comes an increasing charge from AD buyers, so that is a potential problem for the company. Wheeler knew that TFC had to increase viewership (ratings) and increase advertising pricing. Wheeler analyzed the previous
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