Senior Management Team For The Fashion Channel

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The present-day senior management team for The Fashion Channel (TFC) must decide on which viewer segment or segments and or what cluster of viewers they should focus on targeting in their new marketing strategy approach. Also, the company needs to find the best fit scenario for how they should position The Fashion Channel to ultimately increase their companies overall revenue. When determining their new marketing strategy, TFC needs to contemplate how they can expand their share of the market, which is their company’s rating as opposed to the progressively competitive fashion programming that is currently on their competitor’s channels. If TFC can preserve or increase their company’s satisfaction level, that ultimately is the company’s main goal.

Currently TFC’s main sources of revenue are their Advertising Revenue Model, and Cable Affiliate Fees. Their main competitors are Lifetime, who is attracting younger female demographics and CNN who is attracting men in all segments.

The Fashion Channel strengths are that they are one of the only networks committed to fashion 24/7, and that Dana Wheeler (senior vice president of marketing for TFC) has a well experienced background in marketing and advertising.

TFC weaknesses are that most of the management team is unwilling to change to new marketing strategies (why fix what isn’t broken). TFC is currently not segmenting (they think “fashion is for everyone”) and therefore they are using a general market strategy…

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