Senior Management The Logistics Behind The Operation Of The Company Essay

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This report is a combination of many hours of research and analysis. It will endeavour to put forward to senior management the logistics behind the operation of the company. It will have aspects of leadership and employee participation. Processes of business performances and measurement. How tasks are accomplished and the need to develop relationships. Finally, it will put forward the value of an effective manager. As a manager I like to challenge my capabilities. I’m passionate about what I do and it effects others. My ENTHUSIASM and LEADERSHIP is a trait that others FOLLOW WILLINGLY. In a business, I have clear, set goals. I’m able to MOTIVATE people. Should something unforseen happen during a project, I overcome the obstacles in a calm manner. In all instances, a strong model LEADS BY EXAMPLE. A manager happy is always POSITIVE, has HIGH SELF ESTEEM and has a happy EFFICIENT team. By being an effective manager, the team strives for a successful outcome. They strive to do better. As a manager in a business, I am someone that the employees who work for me look up to. I’m able to direct them in what is required of them, INSTRUCT them on policies and procedures. I explain the policies and procedures in full and simple terms. I INTRODUCE them to the business and discuss what is expected of them in the business. As a leader I understand the company’s goals and can relate their goals to the company and become more company orientated. When I am able to see when I can make a

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