Senior Non Commissioned Officer ( Snco ) Tier

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In order to reach these goals, I have to focus on each with a high level of specificity. In the coming years, I hope to be joining the Senior Non-Commissioned Officer (SNCO) tier. This is where my work should be transitioning from the “tactical” level to the “operational” level. I will be required to focus on the bigger picture in order to fulfill my duties. I cannot do this without fixing a few areas concerning how I conduct business on a much smaller scale. Am I ready then to devote myself to something bigger as long as is needed? Luckily, I already consider myself to maintain a “committed” state of mind concerning my belonging to the Air Force. I will continue focusing on the great things the Air Force has afforded my family and…show more content…
I vow to present myself as a prime example for others to follow, both in and out of uniform; the Profession of Arms does not utilize a time clock. I am going to stop ignoring situations that warrant correction both on- and off-duty. The timeline for reaching this goal starts immediately and ends when I take my uniform off for the last time. It’s important to note this does not automatically mark the goal as “completed.” In the next three to five years, I need continue to operate with this mindset, further refining my abilities to enforce military ethics. Defining this refining process can be difficult. I need to remain objective and swift with my corrections. I need not waste another Airman’s time unnecessarily. It’s a future-state governed by efficiency and directly contributing to a better-postured organization. These specific abilities can only be reached through time and practice. Luckily, one of my strengths concerns an ability to articulate my thoughts well as I speak; a handy skill when trying to convey why I am taking the time to say anything at all. This skill can be made use of in so many other subcategories of my professional life, especially in relation to my last goal I aim to conquer. I am going to start taking the time required before a negotiation begins to examine the whole picture appropriately. In my detachment, I fill the role of the primary ISD (Instructional Systems Development) monitor. I am in charge of all
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