Senior Party Research Paper

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Choices It’s Friday April 25 and it’s my final senior party of the year. My friend bailed on me and my parents are at work so if I want to go I'm just going to have to walk. I would have my beautiful vintage 1969 Chevelle Malibu but my mom took the keys away so I can’t drive it. My parents have always warned me not to walk at night late but it’s only 8:13, that’s not that late. And it’s my last party as a highschooler, I have to go. Walking up stairs to my room to check my makeup and make sure this is the outfit that I want. It’s a cocktail sequin dress with a black leather jacket, and some flats. Lovin the outfit and my makeup I grab my purse, phone, and head down stairs. I texted my parents that i'm heading out, while I lock my door to…show more content…
I feel a big strong hand grab my arm and pull me to a stop. I scream as loud as my little voice and go. Hitting him he grabs my other hand twisting it hard, sending a screaming pain up my arm. Letting go of both my arms. He covers my mouth so I won’t scream, taking his other hand he places is on my back and gets lower and lower down my back. I start to squirm and to get out of his grip but it’s so tight. He start to pull up my dress revealing my underwear. I tried to kick him but he shoved me on the floor, hitting my head hard on a branch. Going dizzy I can feel him climbing on top of me lifting my dress up higher. I wanted to scream, I wanted to run far away, I wish I had listened to my mom. But I couldn’t run away, or scream I was so dizzy from hitting my head I blacked…show more content…
Doctor Todd raises his hands up in the air as if he is surrendering.

“Just tell me your decision on what you decide to do next with the information I just gave you, I will give you some time to think” Walking out the door I cry again. I don’t want this baby, I didn’t ask for any of this. It’s so not fair. I won’t ever be able to live a normal life again. Having a baby to take care of. What if I abort the baby then I won’t have to deal with any of this. No that is so wrong I can’t take away this baby’s life just because of someone’s stupid mistake. Just because I didn’t have a choice or say in this, dosen’t mean I have the right to take away this baby’s right to choose.

I am deciding that I am going to keep this baby, especially for the reminder. Not the reminder what that man did to me. But as a reminder of choice. A choice of keeping this baby, a choice of moving on with my life, especially since I had no choice in this happening. No matter what the circumstances are or how bad this may be I have a choice of keeping this baby. And this baby should be able to have a choice about his or her life. I am going to take action and make decisions for my own self. And not let others make things happen to
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