Senior Program Development Specialist With The Oklahoma Healthy Aging Initiative

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With great willingness, I am applying for the position of Senior Program Development Specialist with the Oklahoma Healthy Aging Initiative. My longtime friend, Madelyn Keck, learned of the position and suggested I apply. I am seeking both a change and a challenge and this opportunity provides both. My education, skill-set, and experience make me an excellent candidate for this vacancy.

The following are examples of how my past accomplishments will allow me to meet the needs of the Oklahoma Health Aging Initiative.

This position will design, coordinate and implement health education programs for OHAI:
• The Community Nutrition Education Programs (CNEP) operate under the over-arching statewide Health and Hunger Issue Teams. I am a member (minor) of the state team tasked with the design, coordination, implementation and evaluation of Health and Hunger Issue Teams. We began the process in 2011 by crafting logic models, identifying evidence-based curricula, developing evaluation tools, training staff and completing the process of full implementation in approximately ¾ of Oklahoma’s seventy-seven counties.

Assist in securing income for educational activities:
• For the past 15 years I have prepared/authored required reporting to sustain over $54,198,600 in grant funds. This includes the SNAP-Ed Narrative Six-Month Report), the SNAP-Ed Narrative Annual Report, and the Evaluation and Administrative Reporting System (EARS report).
• While serving Beaver County, I
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