Senior Project Descriptive Writing

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“Hello.” A shadow casted itself over the tattered menu in Addison’s hand as she shifts her gaze to the figure standing over her. An overwhelming sensation embodies her as she meets the spellbinding green eyes that stare back. The bottle green eyes that dance with gold flecks were once her grounding point yet now look so alien. Her gaze drifts along his features, taking in each of them as though he was a painting she was seeing for the first time. A painting that had been so carefully crafted yet seemed so effortless with his slightly crooked nose and flawlessly tousled hair. A small smirk playfully tugs at the corner of his lips as he slides into the battered booth seat across from her. “It’s been a while,” he huskily remarks. A cloud of steam escaped the machine and encompassed Addison’s face, fogging up her glasses and dampening her skin as she finished brewing the order. Her feet swiftly padded again the retro black and white checked tiles as she moved to the red counter.…show more content…
She’d been working in Pete’s Café for over a year now and it was her second home with its décor that was complemented by the constant aroma of coffee, chocolate and buttery pastries. A tall man, adorned with effortlessly messy brown hair and looked to be her age, made his way up to the counter. Looking at the stranger, Addison’s gaze met the most hypnotising eyes she had encountered in her 19 years. Deep bottle green eyes that had blue hues when the light hit them and golden specks that looked like confetti that twirled and danced
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