Senior Project: Firefighting

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Overview of Firefighting
Brandon Rodgers
Centennial High School

Abstract This paper explores the different aspects in living a firefighter’s life. The topics that will be covered are the various types of technology when being a fireman, the different tactics you see on a day to day basis, the physical abilities one must be capable of, and the types of equipment used. The technology used today to help fight fires is extremely progressed and different than it was even just ten years ago. If it were not for these new inventions, communication would not be as easy and complex for any fire station. Firemen face different obstacles every day and have to be ready to jump right in with whatever the circumstance may be. Tactics such as
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When one is fighting a forest fire, it is not known how that fire is going to react to the way you are fighting it. The wind, precipitation, and altitude has to do with how extreme a fire is. Bigger tools such as water helicopters, called rotorcraft’s, are used to help put out fires by dumping water or fire retardant chemicals from up above. Firemen also can put fires out faster by cutting down trees and digging trenches. This allows fire to have no place else to go and eventually puts itself out.
Physical fitness is very important for firefighters, because if they were weak then they probably shouldn’t be a firefighter since there are so many tasks they perform that require them to have muscular strength and endurance. Firefighters go through a series of boot camps that help them prepare for the difficult job of saving lives. One must also be fearless of heights for fighting fires on tall buildings or bridges or some fore of architecture. A firefighter’s physical state also helps them with rigorous drills. The physical abilities of a firefighter can help with real life situations, for example; carrying operating tools, pulling hose lines, search and rescue missions, or pushing ceilings or walls down.
There are a series of equipment a firefighter uses daily. To start off, they have very heavy duty saws in which they can cut through most things you would not think they could
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