Senior Science- Open Ended Investigation Essay

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senior scienceSenior Science Assessment Task One Written Task: Open Ended Investigation Aim: Compare the solubility of various forms of panadol at body temperature in different pH conditions Hypothesis Panadol 6 will dissolve faster than any other panadol and all type of panadol will have increase solubility in acidic conditions Apparatus and Materials * 54 alcohol swabs * Glass thermometer * 600mL pyrex measuring jug (heat resistant, transparent, glass, volumetric measuring instrument) * 54 heat resistant, transparent, plastic cups * 18 Panadol 1 tablets “Panadol - Tablets” (Tablet with Potassium Sorbate Preservative) * 18 Panadol 2 tablets “Panadol – Caplets” (Capsule shaped Tablets with Hydroxybenzoate…show more content…
Add one Panadol 1 to plastic cup, record immediate changes to tablet and solvent 35. Record observations at intervals after immersion; 30sec, 1min, 3min, 5min, after stirring 36. Repeat steps 27-35, twice, labelling trials accordingly 37. Repeat steps 27-36 using Panadol 2, labelling trials accordingly 38. Repeat steps 27-36 using Panadol 3, labelling trials accordingly 39. Repeat steps 27-36 using Panadol 4, labelling trials accordingly 40. Repeat steps 27-36 using Panadol 5, labelling trials accordingly 41. Repeat steps 27-36 using Panadol 6, labelling trials accordingly control of variables | selection and set up of the most appropriate equipment | Repeated trials, accurate results, accurate measurements | Results and Observations NOTE: Dissolution rating is a number out of 10 that numerically describes the degree to which the Panadol has dissolved at a particular time interval. 0 – no level of dissolution taken place where the shape and texture of the panadol has not been altered since immersion in the solvent 10 – panadol has completely dissolved and to create a solution, a mixture with uniform composition and no sedimented residue is present NEUTRAL SOLVENT - WATER | | Trial | Panadol 1 | Panadol 2 | Panadol 3 | Panadol 4 | Panadol 5 | Panadol 6 | Immediate | | No change | Small bubbles on surface, particles rising to surface of solvent | No change | No change | No change |
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