Senior Sim Essay

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Senior Sim

Before start playing the game and building up my corporation I have developed a strategic plan and I have set specific and attainable goals. My target was the maximization of profits in the long run and at the same time the satisfaction of customer needs. My target groups would be the entire market, including all the market customers even of different age, genre, sex, status, income, preferences because I am going to sell products which are consumed every day. After defining the name, the goals and the mission statement of my corporation, my first move was to find a good location for building up my department stores. Therefore I chose a city with a maximum number of potential customers (large population), with low
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These is, because the advertising unit was responsible for making the products known to the potential customers, and therefore maximize sales as well as create brand awareness and brand loyalty. Brand loyalty was very important and could be increased only by advertising over time.

After setting up the functional units, I had to decide on which product I would purchase and sell. At that point, my strategy was to build a factory to purchase raw materials and to make them products in order to sell them through my department store. Therefore, I decided to make and sell Milk, Tv Dinner, Strawberry, and apple Crisp. When the department store started operating, as a manager I had to plan and act even more carefully than before. As my new firm entered into the market I had to offer my products in lower prices considering of course the short run cost, in order to "push" the demand for these products up and increase sales as well as profits and brand name in the long run. By time, and as the demand and brand were increasing I started to increase the prices respectively. I had to advertise my products heavily because they were new and I was aiming for brand awareness. Besides, I was looking upon the fluctuations (if any) of the market demand, upon current and new competitors and their strategies as well as for new markets and even new products and suppliers if they could offer better

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