Senior Transportation Issues

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Transportation is an important aspect in the senior’s population when it comes to getting around to places like their doctor appointment or their daily morning program. Many older adults that do not have a family member to take them around depend on the public transportation such as buses, train, and taxi. In Boston, The MBTA provide a special program called The Ride that provided transportation to the elderly with a low cost. There are also other senior insurance companies that also provide their transportation through other transportation company. More than 20% of American at age 65 years old and older do not drive according to the federal government’s National Household Travel Survey (Abrahms, 2013) and in America, there about 8.4 million…show more content…
Our part is to provide the time that the senior needs to be pick-up from their home to the location they are going and/or the time being pick-up to go home. With The Ride, the communication is between them and us, however, for the insurance company, the process is more complicated. When to provide the time and the location to the insurance, they usually set up the transportation through another company (there is more than one company that they used). Although with a specific time that we provided, which is usually 45 minutes before the exact time, there is still always a delay. When there is a delay, it is our job t call the insurance company to find out how long it takes for the transportation to arrive. The insurance company then has to call the transportation company that they set up with to find that information. Through that process, our staffs sometimes had to wait about 5-15 minutes to find out. As for the company The Ride, we are always being told 5-10 minutes of the arrival time, however, it usually takes extra 15 minutes for the driver to arrive. By the time transportation arrive, the seniors are either late/miss to his/her doctor appointment or going home later than they are supposed to be. During the waiting process, the seniors become worried and sometimes even…show more content…
For this innovative process, the company The Ride would have a page on their website that allows us to track down the driver to know where they are at by the ID number through their GPS signal. When we want to find out where the driver is at, we can go into The Ride website and input the client ID number. From there, it will show us the tracking GPS number of the driver that is picking up the senior. By clicking on the GPS number, we are allowed to located exactly the driver is at through a pop-up map. With this method, we can skip the process of calling the company and have to wait 5-10 minutes to get the information. As for the seniors insurance company, the company should give us the name of the transportation company that they set up with so we can just contact them right away. Once we know which company is being used, we can simply call them and get the GPS tracking number. The process from there will be the same as The
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