Senior Year Cheer Tryout

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On January 21st, 2016, as I was preparing for my senior year cheer tryouts, I experienced a horrible injury. As I was doing a tumbling pass I dislocated and broke three bones in my right leg. I fractured my tibia, fibula, and talus. I was immediately rushed to the hospital and had emergency surgery. I had two plates inserted with 10 titanium screws. I was immobilized for the next 10 weeks. Because of the surgery I missed the next week of school and had to catch up very quickly. Although this injury slowed me down, I still made the varsity cheer team and maintained a 3.5 gpa. Even though I was able to make the cheer team and maintain above a 3.5 gpa, looking back I received two of the only B’s of my highschool career. I believe that if I had
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