Senior Year Of High School

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Senior Year Learning Experience The senior year of high school was the most spectacular year of my life thus far. During this period of time I encountered memorable experiences, and overcame challenges. Notably successfully finding the right college for me to attend was a breath taking experience and a challenge. Also during my senior I spent a tremendous amount of time socializing with my friends. Which built many enjoyable experiences, but also bad experiences. In the end I overcame these bad experiences, and learned from them. My senior year was a year where I had plenty of fun, and matured during the process. The summer before classes commenced my senior year was where it all began. This was my last summer of junior golf where college coaches would be able to watch me play, and recruit me. During my junior year I worked hard on my golf game, and became more consistent. One of the facets of consistently striking the golf ball was I successfully changed my ball flight. Before I was hitting a right to left draw shot, but after I was hitting a left to right fade shot. This change enables me to hit the ball more consistently. The downside of this change was the loss of distance, but my coach insisted that consistency was more important.
My first tournament of the summer was the Western Junior Championship. This tournament is one of the most famous and oldest tournaments in junior golf. The structure of this tournament is unique in many different ways. Normally junior

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