Senior Year Problem

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There are many problems I have in my life but the most important problem I am facing is trying to graduate while being pregnant. Yes I understand that most people would think that my life has made a turn for the worst but me I feel like everything happens for a reason although I did not plan this whatsoever I still have to do what I have to do to provide a supportive life for me and my new edition. This is my senior year and some may say this should be the easiest year but for me it is the most important year. I have to make sure I stay on track with my gpa, my grades, my credits, etc. Having a baby at my age does not make that easier. I have doctor’s appointments during school hours since our school gets out so late so it’s hard for me not…show more content…
That is definitely going to be stressful for me to juggle. It is really going to be hard because I am just coming to get my work i am not sitting in the class learning the material , I am basically going to have to teach myself how to do it. I have to make sure I have all my graduation requirements. When I come back I expect to be caught up with everything I need to have done and not to be behind on anything. I want to come back to school basically where I left off not trying to get out of a whole I dug myself because I was not focused. The fact that I am going to have a baby soon should be enough to make me realize that I can’t afford to mess up and I have to stay focused not just for me but for my baby. I am trying to make sure my senior year is as normal as possible, I have to work really hard all year. Before I take leave to make sure my grades are not already bad, during to make sure I don’t get behind and after to make sure I don’t slip and I get to walk across the stage. I am not just living for me, now I am living for me and my new edition and it is a must I do whatever I have to do to make it. This problem will not break me it will only make me stronger for my
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