Senior-Year Support Groups

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The first group attended had met on 9/21 at about 12:30PM-1:00PM. This group was led by Heather. In the first group, she had an outline developed to discuss how our semester would pan out. Heather had asked us all to think of a topic we’d like to lead for our Senior Year Support Group. We started off by just gathering some topic ideas. If someone had felt passionate about a topic for group discussion they would say, “I’ll take that one!” We threw out a whole list of ideas, then our leader Heather went back and organized it and then asked if anyone still needed to pick a topic from the list. Observations Everyone in the group was respectful of others. When Heather was asking what everyone was interested in, everyone gave an answer and participated. Everyone was also encouraging of each other, kind, and supportive while throwing out potential topic ideas for our group. The environment felt safe, caring and inviting. Participation…show more content…
I was able to contribute ideas more than twice, and I was allowed to talk and didn’t feel overpowered. When I did contribute an idea, I said a topic and then explained why it would fit into our umbrella topic of Senior Year Support. I wanted to make sure that I was not just throwing out random ideas that would be interesting to talk about in group, I wanted them to be meaningful for us as senior year students. The ways I participated were when I offered topics that included, BSW jobs and different master’s degrees. Those two topics I have passion about and want to lead a group on. I felt my ideas were valued and cared for by my peers. My peers seemed to have interest and were excited to learn and grow while going through this support group
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