Sense And Sensibility : Jane Austen

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Sense and Sensibility displays Jane Austen’s careful use of dialogue in maintaining the story; Austen creates scenes that combine moments of important dialogue with forward-moving observations of character, assisting character development and plot without holding up the timeline of the story. With this meticulous combination of dialogue and insight, Austen opens a window into the complex relationships between Willoughby, Marianne, and Colonel Brandon, focusing on two particular moments of discussion connected by observations from Elinor over several days. In examining Willoughby and Marianne’s growing attachment, observed to be based on a closeness of age, similarities in taste and disposition, and an eagerness to agree, Austen creates comparison with Marianne and Colonel Brandon’s increasingly inverse relationship, deteriorating through reminders of Colonel Brandon’s age and the influence of Willoughby’s readiness of opinions. Throughout Austen’s focus on Willoughby’s early visits, the issue of each Marianne’s suitors’ age is repeated multiple times, reminding the reader of its importance to Marianne and its lesser importance to Elinor. Initially, as the budding couple delve into their first real conversation, Austen brings the reader’s attention to Willoughby’s age as a general type of young gentleman. Austen writes, “… [Marianne’s] favorite authors were brought forward and dwelt upon with so rapturous a delight, that any young man of five and twenty must have been
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