Sense Of Death By Sylvia Plath

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I am sure it is unique, I am sure it is what I want
In this line the reader is not aware about the thing ,she is talking about.This poem also contains the very elements as given in the other poems associated with race,class gender and death.Mnetal illness has been shown in this poem as in these lines:
I do not want much of a present, anyway, this year.
After all I am alive only by accident.
These lines refers to her past act done by her under the influence of bipolare disorder.She had commited suicide in the past but she survived.Now she is mocking at herself by saying that ,"I am alive only by the accident".
She desires a present in the form of death.There are elements of suffering,mental illness ,feminism and rejection and desire to meet death.She is obsessed by death as in these lines she says:
I would have
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“Sylvia Plath’s sense of entrapment, her sense that her choices are profoundly limited, is directly connected to her particular time and place in which she wrote her poetry. Betty Friedan describes the late fifties and early sixties for American women as a ‘comfortable concentration camp’ -- physically luxurious, mentally oppressive and impoverished.’” (Davison, 131)
Plath felt like a victim to the men in her life,that depressed her at an intensive level.She became the victime of her father,her husband and the great male_dominated literary world.Her poetry can be understood as response to these feelings of victimization.The large number of her poems with a male figure can be interpreted as referring to any or all of these male forces in her
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