Sense Perception Essay

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'We see and understand things not as they are but as we are' Christopher Columbus, in the 1440’s on his voyage to America, saw three mermaids and described them as insight of females who rose from the sea. Did Christopher Columbus Imagine the mermaids because he was interested in fantasies or did he actual see it? On one hand I do believe that we understand and see things not as they are but as we are, on the other hand disagree with this statement. The way we view things reflects on our personality and each of our personality is different and some people also have similar personality. “We do not see things the way they are but as we are” is said to be a Jewish proverb. The proverb talks about how we are engaged with sense perception. It…show more content…
Emotions are of different types sad, happy, angry, cheerful and many more. Sometimes people have mixed emotions as well. We know emotions because we feel them and it tells us about what’s going on in our mind. Our state of mind also depends on the way we view things. Each person has different ways of seeing things. Even though each person views things differently but one state of mind can make the person see things the same. When a person is sad then everything around him would be sad and would react in a manner, which would make everyone, upset. When a person is happy then the people around him would be happy. The way people view thing depends on emotion. If a person is sad then everyone about him could be sad. When many people are sad they could react the same way. In some ways abstract ideas could be viewed the same for everyone and each idea could make the person view things differently. Culture can play a very important role in the way we view things. Each culture has its own values and every culture is different from one another; they infer things as they are but on how it seems. In Indian culture no woman is allowed to work or to be exposed to the world around her but in America every woman has the freedom of rights. If Indians would see the American women then they would be ashamed of how America is, they understand and see things as they are and as their culture is. Culture also makes
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