Sense Perception In The Matrix : Sense Perception

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Sense perception is a way to gain information by using our sense: touch, feel, taste, see, hear, and smell, it is a way of knowing. When it comes to ways of knowing, like sense perception, it is questionable whether or not it affects us in a positive or negative way. It can be argued if it is leading us in the wrong direction. If you see it, do you believe it? Sense perception is one way that allows us to interact and communicate with each other and the world. This is our primary way of knowing because our senses live experiences that we go through. Based on our senses we are to make interpretations of the world. For example, in class, each pair was given a box. Inside the box, there was one metal ball, but you had to figure out the structure or the form of a maze inside the box. We couldn't see inside the box, and we couldn’t touch the inside of the box. By using our sense of hearing and another way of knowing, imagination, we were able to make an educated guess of what the inside structure of the box looked like. Sense perception can be limiting as a way of knowing because our senses can misguide and deceive us. Rene Descartes talks about the idea of whether or not sense perception can identify what is real and what is false, which ties into the events that occurred in the Matrix. In the movie, The Matrix, Neo was living a normal life until he was guided to the underworld to meet Morpheus (Greek god of dreams). Neo wants to what the matrix is, so he accepts
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