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Book Data Sheet – Sense and Sensibility Setting – The setting for Sense and Sensibility is in England in the early 1800s, somewhere in a country setting. During this time, your social class and wealth was very important. The main classes were the wealthy people or the ‘lesser gentry’. The Dashwoods were part of the lesser gentry. Characters – Mrs. Dashwood – Mother of Elinor, Marianne and Margret. Is a romantic, wants the best for her daughters. Elinor Dashwood – Daughter of Mr/Mrs. Dashwood. Heroine of the novel. Composed yet affectionate. Henry Dashwood – Father of John Dashwood and the girls. Dies in the beginning. Fanny Dashwood – wife of John Dashwood. Selfish, snobby and manipulative. John Dashwood – Heir to…show more content…
Marianne was anxious and overwrought for some reason, and she lashes out at her sister. A note arrived and Marianne was sure it must be an answer from Willoughby, but she was wrong and disappointed. 'For me!' cried Marianne, stepping hastily forward. 'No, ma'am, for my mistress.' But Marianne, not convinced, took it instantly up. 'It is, indeed, for Mrs. Jennings; how provoking!' 'You are expecting a letter, then?' said Elinor, unable to be longer silent. 'Yes, a little--not much.' After a short pause. 'You have no confidence in me, Marianne.' 'Nay, Elinor this reproach from you--you who have confidence in no one!' 'Me!' returned Elinor, in some confusion; 'indeed, Marianne, I have nothing to tell.' 'Nor I,' answered Marianne with energy; 'our situations then are alike. We have neither of us any thing to tell; you, because you communicate, and I, because I conceal nothing.' " Volume 3, Chapter 7: Marianne was grieving because of Willoughby's betrayal and Elinor's disappointment added to her sadness. Marianne's self-neglect was beginning to take its toll on her in the form of an illness. Colonel Brandon was more alert to the danger than either of the Dashwood sisters. "Marianne got up the next morning at her usual time; to every enquiry replied that she was better, and tried to prove herself so, by engaging in her accustomary employments. But a day spent in sitting shivering over the fire with a book in her hand, which she was
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