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Sense and Sensibility and Pride and Prejudice Jane Austen's characters always undergo an event that morally changes their being. In Sense and Sensibility this moral change is obvious in Elinor and Marianne. The development of these adolescents into mature, reasonable adults is a gradual transformation seen in Sense and Sensibility. Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy begin Pride and Prejudice as arrogant and biased adults and end the story as liberal minded individuals. In Sense and Sensibility the family has been forced to move from the plush lap of luxury into a more modest setting. Mr. Dashwood has just passed away. Since this was a patrilineal society, the eldest son, John Dashwood, inherits all of Mr. Dashwood's estate. John …show more content…
;When he was present, she had no eyes for anyone else. Everything he did was right'; (Austen, p26).

A short time later Willoughby visits at Barton Cottage to tell the Dashwood’s that “I am unable to keep my engagement with you'; (Austen, p36). He is being sent off to London on business for Mrs. Smith, his aunt. He had ;no idea of returning into Devonshire immediately'; (Austen, p36). This behavior by Willoughby is seen as a most unfortunate event. The Dashwood;s are very surprised at Willoughby;s quick departure and Marianne is crushed.

When Marianne arrives in London her anticipation in seeing Willoughby again is great. She almost immediately sends a note to Willoughby. ;Her spirits still continued very high, but there was a flutter in them which prevented their giving much pleasure to her sister'; (Austen, p74). Marianne was behaving like a self centered, selfish teenager. Instead of being a gracious guest in Mrs. Jennings home, she was ;anxiously listening to the sound of every carriage (Austen, p74) and not giving any attention to the socially acceptable behavior that was expected of her. Colonel Brandon is a character that stands on the peripheral of the story while Willoughby breaks the heart of his ward and Marianne. Colonel Brandon had a very high regard for Marianne, but Marianne had no interest in an old man.

At a party shortly after their arrival to London, Marianne

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