Senses in “UFO in Kushiro” Essay

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“After the Quake” is a collection of imaginary short stories written by Haruki Murakami which became well known after his emotional impact of the Kobe earthquake. The protagonist in “UFO in Kushiro” is Komura, a Japanese salesman, who practically lives as an average person nowadays. However, five days after the earthquake, Komura’s perfect life falls apart when he finds a letter from his wife, saying that she is gone forever. Trying to get use to the thought, Komura takes a break from his work and goes on a journey to deliver a small box to another part of the country. Haruki Murakami presents the story with an illustration of various senses. A Visual image is one of the author’s senses in the story that helps readers to imagine a picture …show more content…
It looks like the author’s purpose of this story is to make readers think and decide on their own what really happened to that woman. One of the author’s tactile senses is the unknown box that Komura has to deliver to Hokkaido. Sasaki, Komura’s friend from work, gives him an attractive offer for a trip to another part of the country for free, only if Komura delivers the mysterious box to his sister. Komura accepts the offer and takes the box; however, something strange seems for him to be in the box. Sasaki ensured Komura that there is “nothing fragile, and there are no ‘hazardous materials’’’ (Murakami 508). Komura takes the small package into his hands and shakes carefully but cannot really feel anything. “As Sasaki had said, it weighed practically nothing. Komura held it in his hands and studied it a few seconds. He gave it a little shake but he couldn’t feel or hear anything moving inside” (508), Murakami writes. The author leaves another dubious question for the readers, but maybe it was Murakami’s purpose of not telling all the details about the strange box. Auditory image is also one of the Haruki Murakami’s senses that create a better understanding of the “UFO in Kushiro”. The hearing sense in the story appears when Komura is in the plane and reads the newspapers about the earthquake. Murakami writes:
The morning paper was full of the earthquake reports. He read it from beginning to end on the plane. The number of dead

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