Sensible Disposal Of Unwanted Medicine

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Franklin Tieu
Prof. Pearson
18 April 2016
Sensible Disposal of Unwanted Medicine
Medicines are essential to prolonging of human life. Imagine a life without medicine, a life where infections and disease run rampant and little to no defenses are offered. Despite the seemingly harmless benefits that modern medicines would bring, medicines are toxins that can accumulate over time and can decimate both the environment and the organisms that inhabit it. For the future, individuals should work together to improve medicine sustainability to limit usage of resources and protecting the environment. Humans need to learn and understand the effects of improper disposal of medicine, methods of proper disposal and how to recycle unused medicines in an effort to limit wasting of resources.
It is believed that the first people to use drugs were the Sumerians, who used opium, a highly addictive narcotic drug. This fact was suggested by Professor Lindesmith of Indiana University who interpreted an ideogram that was found and it was translated as HUL, meaning “joy” or “rejoicing.” (“Timeline of Events in the History of Drugs,” 2012). It can be interpreted that the Sumerians used opium for their own pleasure and for fun. Medicine today is used to help suppress symptoms and help our bodies cure sicknesses. The history of painkillers go back to the sixteenth century where laudanum, opium prepared in an alcoholic solution, was used as a painkiller (“Painkillers: A Short History”). Opiates, have…

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